Photo: Oleg Magni

Photo: Oleg Magni


Our London community, the Consortium’s seventh chapter, began in September, 2019, with a superb and sold-out evening of a hundred filmmakers who came together to watch documentaries, imbibe, and get inspired. International outlets presented work, independent filmmakers showcased feature excerpts, and merriment lasted into the night. It’s only the beginning.

We’re so excited to bring creatives together and further connect the nonfiction film and journalism community in London.

If you’d like to get involved, or attend a future monthly gathering, do let us know:



Chloe Mamelok


Chloe is a journalist and documentary producer who has filmed and produced on documentaries for TV broadcast and online. She has worked at Vice Media, and on documentaries ranging from a series on international extremist groups to a feature-length film on assisted dying. She was recently selected as one of Sheffield Documentary Festival’s ‘Future Producers 2018’ and is co-directing a short film on a rehabilitation program for drug-addicted mothers and their children in Newark, New Jersey, supported by Glassbreaker Films. Previously she worked on the Edward Murrow and Eppy award-winning investigative documentary series 'ASPIREist.'


Dobriyana Tropankeva


Dobriyana is a video producer and editor with international media experience from television productions across 20 European and North American countries. She started her career as a journalist at the age of 19 and worked in a number of national and international magazines, radio and TV channels. Last, she worked for Thomson Reuters in New York City. She has been with the European Youth Press since 2010, leading over 50 international journalism projects and currently is an advisory board member. She holds a double masters degree in Business and Finance Journalism from City University London, UK and Aarhus University, Denmark.




Jenny shoots, edits and produces videos at CNN. Before joining the London bureau, she made videos for The Independent, produced a Liberian radio show at the BBC and worked on the photo desk at the International Herald Tribune in both Paris and Hong Kong. As a graduate of Tulane University and the CUNY Graduate School of journalism, she currently calls England home, but her heart will forever be in New Orleans.